Agenda for August EPNA Meeting on 8/6/2020

Hi neighbors – Looking forward to seeing y’all on the first Thursday of August at 6:30, via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent out prior to the meeting. Here’s our Agenda: 1) Introduction & approval of July minutes 2) Recap Coolidge Street Victory!! 3) Eken Parked Festival update 4) Financial Requests: – Update EPNA Logo to match entryContinue reading “Agenda for August EPNA Meeting on 8/6/2020”

June EPNA Meeting – Agenda & Logistics

Hey neighbors – Hope y’all are all doing okay this morning. It has been a really rough week. On Thursday, we’ll gather together and share updates on the neighborhood. And support each other. The meeting will occur via Zoom again. The Zoom link will be sent through the regular channels closer to Thursday. Same timeContinue reading “June EPNA Meeting – Agenda & Logistics”

EPNA WILL meet for May Meeting on Thursday, 5/7

Hey Eken Park –  The Eken Park Neighborhood Association WILL meet for our May 7th meeting. We will meet via Zoom. We apologize in advance if you are unable to connect to the internet or do not want to use Zoom, however this is the best we can do under the circumstances.  If you areContinue reading “EPNA WILL meet for May Meeting on Thursday, 5/7”

March 2020 Meeting Agenda

Welcome / Approval of minutes Update on the 3040-46 Commercial Avenue Site from Gregg Schmanski Reality Communications Update: New Blog! and how to best stay up to date with EPNA Update on Neighborhood Happenings: Oscar Mayer, F-35s Alder Update Committee Updates: Festival, Voucher, Gateway Open Comments Neighborhood Event Updates: Spring Clean Up Day, Bike toContinue reading “March 2020 Meeting Agenda”

February 2020 Meeting Agenda

Approval of the Minutes Update on City Meetings over the last month: – Old KFC / Dunkin’ Donuts – Two Oscar Mayer meetings Guest speaker: Paul Noeldner; Friends of Hartmeyer Natural Area  Pending: Community Officer update and discussion of shooting on Dahle/Pawling  Pending: Alder Update  Committee Updates: – Organizing Committees: We currently have 2 standing committees – FestivalContinue reading “February 2020 Meeting Agenda”